Thursday, August 6, 2009

Linwood Barclay August 14 in Berkeley

Linwood Barclay, winner of the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel for Too Close to Home, will be the Guest of Mystery Readers Int'l at a Literary Salon on August 14 in Berkeley, CA. 2 p.m. The Arthur Ellis Award given by the Crime Writers of Canada is Canada's top prize for crime fiction. His latest novel is Fear the Worst.

Barclay says about Fear the Worst, "I think Fear the Worst is my best book yet. On the surface, it seems simple enough. It's the tale of a missing child. Suppose you've gone to pick up your daughter at her summer job -- a place where she's only been working a couple of weeks -- and learn that no one there has ever seen her? So where has she been going for two weeks? And where is she now? As the father in this story starts searching for his daughter, he discovers he's not the only one trying to track her down. And he better be the one to find her first.

Join MRI NorCal for an afternoon with this amazing author.

Read Ali Karin's Lunching with Linwood in The Rap Sheet.
Watch Linwood Barclay on YouTube talking about No Time For Goodbye.


vallerose said...

The At Home with Linwood Barclay was terrific. I had never heard of him, but will now rush to my local bookstore, Dark Carnival, to get his book, No Time to Say Goodbye. He is a very good and funny speaker. Should he appear at conventions I say, go to his panel, you wont be dissapointed.

Kiwicraig said...

Interviewed him by phone before he came down to Australia and New Zealand in July, and then met him in person while he was here. Would highly recommend anyone going to his events - regardless of whether you've read or liked his thrillers (which are all very good), he is a brilliant, funny, speaker.