Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Crime Fiction: A List of Mysteries

Being a list-maker, it's no surprise that I have an Easter Crime Fiction list. This list has been greatly expanded from last year, but, as always, I welcome any additions.

Antiques Bizarre by Barbara Allan
Death and the Easter Bunny by Linda Berry
Easter Weekend by David Bottoms
The Last Enemy by Grace Brophy
Do You Promise Not To Tell? by Mary Jane Clark
Little Easter by Reed Farrel Coleman (I love Reed's books, and I must confess I haven't read this-yet. Not sure how much Easter is in it. Reed?)
Last Easter by Caroline Conklin
Holy Terrors by Mary R. Daheim
The House of Death by Paul Doherty
Cue the Easter Bunny by Liz Evans
Precious Blood by Jane Haddam
The Good Friday Murder by Lee Harris
The Cruelest Month by Louise Penny
Do Not Exceed the Stated Dose (short stories) by Peter Lovesey
And Four To Go aka The Easter Parade by Rex Stout


Max Allan Collins said...

ANTIQUES BIZARRE by Barbara Allan (my wife Barb and me) is an Easter mystery...concerns a Fabrege egg, among other things. Recently published by Kensington with a great cover....

Janet Rudolph said...

I'm adding it right now. Thanks, Max. And, I still need to read this!! On my TBR Sounds right up my alley.