Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mystery Bytes: News, Reviews, Interviews for the Mystery Community March

Mystery Bytes is an occasional round-up of news, reviews and interviews for the Mystery Community:

New Magazine: Thomas Przybilka, IACW/AIEP Vice President Western Europe and long-time subscriber to Mystery Readers Journal, tells us that there is a new crime-magazine started in Germany, based on the online-version of Alligatorpapiere. At present it is the one and only magazine in Germany dealing with crime literature: Alligatorpapiere - Magazin zur Kriminalliteratur. The editors Alfred Miersch (NordPark Verlag) and Thomas Przybilka (Bonner Krimi Archiv Sekundaerliteratur), together with contributors who are well-known in the German crime and mystery scene offer articles, reviews, criticism on German and international crime fiction, and German and international secondary sources covering crime literature. Cover of the first issue and table of contents: HERE. The magazine will be issued irregularly but three times a year.
CSI: The LA Times reports that people leave a bacterial trail that may be the next forensic clue. According to a study published online Monday from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, bacteria that live on a person's hands could one day accurately identify that individual. This could come in handy to track down a criminal who has worn gloves, removed prints and other personal physical evidence, or touched surfaces such as fabric on which a fingerprint wouldn't show up, the researchers said. Read the article HERE.
John Le Carre received the Sunday Times (London) Award for Literary Excellence. In this article he reveals the real-life figures who have inspired some of his fictional characters. Read the article HERE.
CBS Schedules the 6th Jesse Stone Film, No Remorse, for May 9. This character created by Robert B. Parker completed filming in November 2008. Tom Selleck plays Police Chief Jesse Stone. The first five films in the series are available on DVD from Mysteries on TV: Jesse Stone. The 7th in the series, Innocents Lost, was filmed in 2009.
Hat Tip: Mystery Book News
Baby, it's Cold Outside.... The Economist features an article on Scandinavian Crime Fiction: Inspector Norse: Why are Nordic detective novels so successful? Conclusion: three factors underpin the success of Nordic crime fiction: language, heroes and setting. Read the article HERE

Don't forget that Award winning Mystery Author Jo Nesbo will be at a Literary Salon at my home in Berkeley tomorrow (March 19: 2 p.m.). RSVP.  Next authors: Peter May (April 7: 7 p.m.), Erin Hart (April 23: 7 pm.), Elizabeth George: (May 3, 2 p.m.)

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