Friday, March 5, 2010

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Readers Choice Awards

ELLERY QUEEN MYSTERY MAGAZINE has just announced the winners of their Readers Choice Awards for the Best Stories of 2000

First place: Mike Herron's "Dolphin Junction" tied with Doug Allyn's "An Early Christmas"
Second place: Clark Howard's "White Wolves"
Third place: Dave Zeltserman's "Julius Katz"
Fourth place: Doug Allyn's "Famous Last Words"
Fifth place: Doug Allyn's "The Valhall Verdict"
Sixth place: Jack Fredrickson's "For the Jingle"
Seventh place: Janvillem van de Wetering's "The Bleeding Chair"
Eighth place: Lee Goldberg's "The Case of the Piss-Poor Gold"
Ninth place: Lou Manfredo's "Central Islin, USA"
Tenth place: Brian Muir's "Dummy"

Hat Tip to Lee Goldberg!

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