Saturday, March 27, 2010

Passover Mysteries

With the Jewish holiday of Passover just around the corner (starts sundown March 29 this year), I thought I'd update my Passover Mysteries list from 2009, but I have only one two new entries.

Since it's such a short list, I'm supplementing with a few Passover Chocolate Recipes.

Mystery Author Rabbi Ilene Schneider Guest Blogs Mystery and Passover Chocolate recipes on my other blog   Don't miss my flourless chocolate cake recipe. It'll take about a half hour to make and bake. No mystery there.  And last, a great recipe for Chocolate Matzo Brittle. Fabulous and easy.

Passover Mystery Novels 

The Passover Murder by Lee Harris
The Passover Plot by Hugh J. Schonfield
Never Nosh a Matzo Ball by Sharon Kahn
The Samaritans' Secret by Matt Beynon Rees
Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home by Harry Kemelman
The Fifth Servant by Kenneth Wishnia

Love to have more books to add to this list. Feel free to comment.


Priscilla said...

Not sure about this, but did none of the Harry Kemelman books have a Passover plot?

Janet Rudolph said...

Thanks, Priscilla, yes, of course Sunday!!! I've just added it.

Unknown said...

hi Janet, Glad you've added The Samaritan's Secret to your list. Good thinking! They do Passover with a difference -- of course, the Samaritans maintain that it's the way it was done back in Sinai. It does feel that way, up on a dusty hilltop and then gathering around their flaming barbeque pits in the desert wind. But it's even longer than an Orthodox seder! best, Matt

Janet Rudolph said...

Matt, so glad to include you on the list. Yes, a very different Passover.