Monday, March 15, 2010

St Patrick's Day Mysteries

I blogged a short list of St. Patrick's Day mysteries last year,  and I haven't come across any new titles. But, since it's a short list, I've added some other titles and authors. I welcome comments and additions.

Nelson Demille: Cathedral
Andrew Greeley: Irish Gold
Jane Haddam: A Great Day for the Deadly
Lyn Hamilton: The Celtic Riddle
Lee Harris: The St. Patrick's Day Murder
Jonathan Harrington: A Great Day for Dying
Wendi Lee: The Good Daughter
Dan Mahoney: Once in, Never Out
Leslie Meier: St. Patrick's Day Murder
Sister Carol Anne O’Marie: Death Takes Up A Collection
Ralph M. McInerny: Lack of the Irish
Janet Elaine Smith: In St. Patrick's Custody
Kathy Hogan Trochek: Irish Eyes
Noreen Wald: Death Never Takes a Holiday

Not necessarily set during  St. Patrick's Day is city-pick Dublin that was just published last week to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and Dublin becoming a UNESCO World City of Literature in 2010.
Pat Mullan, Ireland Chair of International Thriller Writers, says "I am very pleased (and honored) to be included in this selection of fifty Irish writers." The publisher, Oxygen Books, talks about city-pick Dublin: "A truly astonishing variety of writers evoke the myriad pleasures of this legendary writers' city, bringing Dubliners, famous, not so famous and famously fictional, to life.

Another great book to consider for the holiday is Dublin Noir, a fantastic collection of short stories edited by Ken Bruen and published by Akashic Books in the US and by Brandon in Ireland and the UK. 

You could also read any number of novels by Ken Bruen, Declan Burke or Declan Hughes on St. Patrick's Day. Raise a glass of Guinness for me.

And, if you want something chocolate to go along with your stout, have a look at my DyingforChocolate blog for some killer recipes including Guinness Stout Brownies.


JournoMich said...

I have read DeMille's Cathedral. Great book! Of course, all of his books are fantastic...You always have the best lists!


Janet Rudolph said...

Thanks, Michele, I keep thinking I've forgotten several titles..

le0pard13 said...

Ever tried author Adrian McKinty? Though the story is not based in Ireland (Cuba and the U.S.), one of the best audiobooks I listened to last year was his novel, Fifty Grand. His earlier works on centered on the emerald isle. Thanks, Janet.

Dr. Mary Kennedy said...

These are wonderful selections, great job(as always)Janet

Les Blatt said...

Rue Morgue Press now has reprinted all three of Eilis Dillon's wonderful Irish mysteries from the 1950s - Death at Crane's Court, Sent to His Account and Death in the Quadrangle. I think she was one of the first Irish mystery writers, and all three books are excellent (and often funny) mysteries.