Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ed Kaufman, M is for Mystery, to Retire

Yesterday, in "a special message" to customers and friends of "M" Is for Mystery... and More bookstore, San Mateo, CA, owner Ed Kaufman wrote that he is "contemplating retiring from full-time work here at 'M.' The store is in its 15th year, and I am in my 81st. Both, thankfully, are still going strong, but it is time for me to step back and for someone else to take over. As many of you know, I had practiced law for 41 years (at one firm), having retired fully from that career in 2000. Being a bookseller is, by far, harder to give up!"

Kaufman expressed his desire "to see 'M' continue to do what I think we have done well, all these years: to consistently attract the best authors, from first-timers to bestselling household names, and to present them to the public at engaging events throughout the year, and to obtain signed first editions from authors not traveling to our area; and to continue to expand the list of literary and nonfiction authors whose work is reflected in the '...and More' of our store name. Doing all of the above, day in, day out, has spurred our growth over the years, and has formed the basis of our reputation nationally.

"It is impossible to sum up how satisfying, and often exciting, it has been to be a bookseller. People frequently say how much they would love to own a bookstore, and I am one of the fortunate ones who have had that experience. For anyone with an active interest, this is an invitation to contact me directly." You can reach Kaufman at"


Nancy Lauzon said...

Sounds like a wonderful store! Indies are the best. Congrats to Ed on his retirement.

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vallerose said...

Good for Ed, but I hope not bad for the book community. I thought the store had been open longer than fifteen years. It is such an institution.

Clark Lohr said...

Very cool.

Priscilla said...

Ed and his staff are the best! Not only does he offer a varied selection of UK and US mysteries, he is very supportive of new writers. When no other bookstore in the area would give me "a voice" for my first book, Ed called to schedule an event. I shall always be grateful.