Saturday, April 29, 2017

Happy Independent Bookstore Day!

Today is Independent Bookstore Day! How many bookstores will you visit? What's your favorite Independent Bookstore? Let me know, and you'll be entered to win a mystery! Be sure and leave your email address, so I can contact you.


Donna S said...

Hi Janet:
My favourite bookstore by far is: Sleuth of Baker Street, 907 Millwood Road, Toronto Ontario M4G 1X2 - A fantastic selection of mysteries and great service.

Donna Schafer

Jane R said...

One of my favorite independent bookstores is BookPeople in Austin, Texas. I especially like the fact that they have a store within the store called MysteryPeople.
Mystery to Me in Madison, Wisconsin is another favorite bookstore that I try to visit whenever I'm in the area. Terrific selection of books!
I always prefer an independent to a chain store and, with independent booksellers becoming nearly extinct, I'm so glad to see a day dedicated especially to them!

Jane Robinson
jrobinson12 (at) austin (dot) rr (dot) com

PlumGaga said...

Powell's Books here in Portland is amazing. It covers a full city block, not counting a suburban store and several specialist shops. I love that they put new, used, paperback and hardback together so that you can choose what fits your needs and budget.


Pam C said...

My favorite local indie bookstore is one dedicated to used books--Comstock Books in Auburn, WA. I have found some amazing bargains there and have not yet gotten to see everything on the shelves.
I also help support our local Barnes and Noble, since it is the only bookstore in Federal Way.
Pam C