Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cool and Unusual Police Cars: Fast & Expensive

From Toxel.com, one of my favorite websites for odd and unusual things, comes these photos of Cool and Unusual Police Cars from around the world. Today's Installment: Think Fast & Expensive

Lamborghini Gallardo: Two were donated to the Italian police in honor of the force's 152nd anniversary.

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti with police car color scheme driven by police officers at front of the Ferrari UK tour from Belfast to London

  Modified Porsche 911 Careera S capable of over 186 miles and hour.

Corvette Police Car, Bloomfield Hills, MI


Anonymous said...

Wow! These are some snazzy police cars. I mean, seriously, a Lamborghini? LOL

Fast Penny Cars said...

Great show , nice to see the car for the police in that range & luxury .

Fast penny Cars said...

Nice sharing , Its really good to have the most moderate cars for the police .