Monday, October 3, 2011

Michael Stanley Literary Salon in Berkeley: Out of Africa II

Monday, October 10, 7 p.m., Berkeley, CA:  
Literary Salon with Michael Stanley (the writing team of Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip).

Join Mystery Readers NorCal for an evening of murder and mystery and show and tell with the incredibly entertaining and knowledgeable mystery authors known as Michael Stanley. Stan Trollip is bringing a special warrior kit to expand their talk. Stan and Michael write together across continents. Their novels, set in Botswana, feature Detective Kubu. Both Michael Sears and Stan Trollip are retired professors who have worked in academia and business. Both were born in South Africa.

Michael Sears and Stanley Trollip have been on a number of flying safaris to Botswana and Zimbabwe, where it was always exciting to buzz a dirt airstrip to shoo the elephants off. They have had many adventures on these trips including tracking lions at night, fighting bush fires on the Savuti plains in northern Botswana, being charged by an elephant, and having their plane’s door pop open over the Kalahari, scattering navigation maps over the desert. These trips have fed their love both for the bush, and for Botswana.

Their latest novel is Death of the Mantis:

When a Kalahari ranger is found dead in a dry ravine, his corpse surrounded by three Bushmen, the local police arrest the nomads. Botswanas Detective Kubu Bengu investigates the case and is reunited with his old school friend Khumanego, a Bushman and advocate for his people. Khumanego claims the nomads are innocent and the arrests motivated by racist antagonism. The Bushmen are released, but soon after, another man is murdered in similar circumstances. Are the Bushmen to blame, or is it a copycat murder?

Then there is a third murder. Again it points to the Bushmen. Kubu journeys into the depths of the Kalahari to find the truth. What he discovers will test all his powers of detection and his ability to stay alive ...

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