Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Heels

Blood Spatter Shoes: Perfect for Halloween or the Crime Scene

These are truly a unique pair of heels. Sadly size 5 1/2, but if you're looking for the perfect heels for Halloween, these are the winners! Hand Painted Blood Spatter High Heels from Sweet Sin Coutour on Etsy. Also available with black Spatter for an inked look.

And, in case you lean more toward Edgar Allan Poe, these heels are a must have. NEVERMORE. Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s famous piece, Nevermore features a hand painted raven, accompanied by the words “Nevermore” on the upper side of the shoe, in an original design.  The raven stands against the pristine white faux leather finish. The heel of the shoe is 5 inches, accompanied by a 1 ½ inch platform. Across the toe of the shoe, there is a black satin finish ribbon. Available in sizes 5.5, 8, and 9.

1 comment:

Priscilla said...

If I could still wear heels, I would opt for the raven. The cats would insist...